Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One Mic Nite: The Art of Giving Back

One of the major themes during the holiday season is the spirit of giving. There is one show in Alphabet City that is dedicated to giving back to the artistic community with money and inspiration. New York Nights is proud to present One Mic Night.

Vital Information

Latest Project: is an Evening of One-Act plays/Comedies & live performance of the Soulfolk Experience (Band) followed by an Acoustic-style Open Mic

Next New York Performance: Monday 12.08.08 7:00PM

Hometown: Chicago,IL

1) NYN: Explain the concept and inspiration behind One Mic Nite.

ML: Our community's desire for an elegant and pleasant social environment sparked a need for an alternative to the regular social gatherings and created a point where artists,engaged in music, theatre, spoken word, film,and other genres of art could interact. One Mic Nite was formed as an artistic industry evening, and became committed to giving back to the community with various fund raisers for City & National Organizations through its performances.

2) NYN: How did you move from being in front of the camera in commercials and film to behind the camera and hosting the show?

ML: When the show began, it was a small intimate evening of acoustic music with one singer, Maritri Garrett, and one guitar when I was a manager in a small chic West Village restaurant . As the nite continued each week, we invited our artist friends to network, listen and eventually participate. As the weeks progressed, the crowd grew and as the manager I was forced to re-locate the show to a bigger more accommodating venue. That move allowed me to incorporate more artists.

3) NYN: How did you feel the first night the show went on?

ML: The first night I hosted the show I was nervous, and happy. Nervous because I understood the potential of the show and happy that it had grown to such a beautiful thing. It was also an opportunity for me to step out and return to hosting a weekly show, which I hadn't done in years.

4) What have you learned about New York nightlife from hosting this show?

ML: NYC nightlife is exciting. It gives you a chance to meet and experience some of the most talented people in the world. It allows you an opportunity to be a part of a pop culture that many people can only experience from a distance. When you are here, you can connect to the audience & admirers in a way that is very personal, in essence you can become the personality of the event.

5) NYN: How did you meet the artists for One Mic Nite? If a new artist wanted to perform, what would they need to do?

ML: I have hear all the artists in one way or another. I review their webpages, attend their other shows and I'm always scouting for talent to perform. Our acts range from Grammy Award Winning Artist to polished amateurs, signed and unsigned. New artists & talent can submit website links, via Email to for consideration.

6) NYN: What is your ultimate goal for One Mic Nite?

ML: The ultimate goal of One Mic Nite is to provide different art to the community on a regular and ongoing basis. It is important to continue to explore and expose the various genres of art to uplift, and help to stimulate more creativity. I want to use art as a means to give back to the community spiritually and financially, where artists participate in fundraisers for other organizations in need. Because art is based on interpretation, I hope each person that comes, leaves with a personal experience and hopefully can return to share a completely different experience the next time.

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